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Altitude K-9 Kennels: The Higher Level

We are located 7200 feet above sea level in beautiful Colorado Springs, home to many world-renown sites including the Olympic Training Center, Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, Air Force Academy, NORAD, and, of course, Altitude K-9.Colorado_Springs

In this community of 600,000 there is a kennel that caters to the serious working dog handler. Our staff has more than a century of combined dog training experience. Because integrity is cornerstone to Altitude K-9 we not only offer the best of the best in dogs but are intentional about appropriately matching dog and handler. We specialize in working dogs with emphasis on Dutch Shepherds, Malinois and German Shepherds.



We breed, train and prep quality breeds for work in many fields, including search and rescue , personal and public security, law enforcement, first responder, military and drug enforcement, sport and more. These are the breeds public agencies and the private sector look for and the quality they demand. We are dedicated to serving our clients with the utmost integrity and respect.


We welcome your inquires about upcoming litters, training, stud services and more. We invite you to browse our new site and check back for announcements of upcoming events.

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Promise Lee 

Promise-Lee-300x300Colorado native Promise Lee has more than forty years’ experience breeding, handling and training working dogs. He has worked in a variety of settings with special emphasis in the nonprofit sectors of community development. Lee’s background experience includes working for the Colorado Governor’s Office, Colorado Department of Local Affairs and various school districts. Mr. Lee teaches college courses in philosophy and ethics and serves as the Founding Pastor of a community church in the heart of Colorado Springs.


Veronica Churikova 

Nika-300x300Veronica is a very talented trainer and breeder of German shepherd working line.
She has worked in K-9 law enforcement agencies in Moscow for more than 25 years.
Veronica retired as a captain. Her last position was the Chief Instructor for Dog Training in various fields (search service, drug detection, explosives detection, search for human corpses).
Her other accomplishments include:
– Senior Instructor of the Service Dog in the basic center of the service dog breeding of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation
– Chief Inspector-cynologist on training service dogs in the search and detection of narcotics and psychotropic substances and the detection of human corpses
– Chief instructor-cynologist of the department of special purpose, assault department of the service for the search and detection of explosives, search and detection of narcotics and psychotropic substances
– She is also successful in K-9 sports:
* Participant and winner of the competition among police dogs.
* Participant and winner of IPO-3 Championships of Russia.
* Participant and winner of the competition in riding sports.