Maui – Nigi Breeding

Puppies born 07/09/20 

This combination of Camacho’s MAUI/ Best of the Black NIGI provides a loyal, balanced, and extremely athletic hard biting all around dog with solid nerves that can function in any environment. 

ALL offspring, without exception, of NIGI’s previous litters, were placed in various working environments, (Law Enforcement, Military, Personal / Executive Protection and Sport) in the US and abroad. 

NIGI is a solid black extremely high drive Civil dog. She is dual purpose, has a keen nose and extraordinary hunt drive. She is fast, athletic, has a full grip solid nerves, lives to work and is dependable! 

MAUI is from the last breeding of Altitude’s Best of the Black, Yosha and Troyen’s Ehka EL (YEN). He is an appropriately sized incredibly intelligent, balanced, strong, hard biting dog, that can switch from sport to civil work on command. He is exceptionally athletic and absolutely, loves to serve and work. Most importantly he is dependable. MAUI has impressive credentials for being such a a young dog. AKC CGC- URBAN and ADVANCED, IGP- BH, NADF-OB, EL & L1 and will compete in Mondio Ring in the upcoming months. This will be the 3rd litter he’s sired. To date his off spring reflect everything in his past and present.