Services we offer

We offer safe and reliable pick up and delivery of your dog anywhere in the US, and Canada.

We are a timely and dependable animal transport service.

We have over 40 years of professional experience with K9’s.

Contact us for your animal transport needs.

Altitude K9 would like to announce its Executive / Personal Protection Dogs.  In the past, we have been contracted by various individuals and agencies to train dogs for Executive and Personal Protection work.
Many of our dogs have been placed in high profile homes ranging from celebrities to executives. Since we see the growing need for such dogs, we have decided to provide the same quality of dogs to our clients and the public at reasonable and affordable prices.
We will offer 4 dogs a year from our very own kennels.
Dogs will range from 1-4 years old.
We look forward to serving you.

Private sessions ($45 per session) or board & train ($65 per day).

All breeds welcome!

Does your dog pull when taking a walk?

Does your dog constantly jump up on you and guests?

Wouldn’t you love your dog to behave and heel at your side?

We can help you!

Your dog will be taken care of as if it’s our own.

Training is our passion!

We offer complete dog training: law enforcement, protection, sport, detection, certification preparation, and decoy training.


Basic Obedience
Our basic obedience includes on-leash sit, stay, down, heel and come.

Advanced Obedience
Our advanced obedience includes off-leash sit, stay, down, heel and come.

Basic Personal Protection
Our basic personal protection includes drive development, bite development, confidence-building exercises, stress-tolerance exercises, on-leash defense of handler, on-leash bark, guard, bite, and out commands. Dogs must pass an obedience test prior to admission. (Requisite for all advanced training programs.)

Advanced Training

Civil Work
Our civil work training includes carjacking scenario, attack on the handler and multiple attackers’ scenarios, home invasion scenario, and public attackers, etc.

Bite Work
Our bite work training includes bite development, bite commitment, muzzle work, targeting bark and hold, outing/release, etc.

Tracking and Searching
Our tracking and searching training includes tracking, article search, forced retrieval, building search, etc.

Trial Preparation
Our trial preparation training includes sport-specific training and preparation, handler training and preparation.

Our agility training includes obstacles, tunnels, heights, and jumps.

Behavior Modification
Our behavior modification training is specific to the modification requested by the owner/handler.